Cat Health Insurance

By | November 2, 2011

While cat health insurance is growing in popularity, many people are still not taking advantage of it.

With the rising costs of veterinary care these days having pet insurance is a great way to save on pet expenses.

While cats generally cost less than dogs in terms of total veterinary care, their costs can add up quickly if you have an emergency.

Like if they swallowed a foreign object, experience kidney problems, liver failure, or a urinary tract infection.

Comparing Plans

With so many different insurance companies out there these days it can be hard to compare one policy to the next because most are not identical.

To make this process easier check out our: Cat Insurance Comparison Chart.

So when searching for right health insurance policy, you need to review all policies and all options.


Read the user reviews found on this website to help you make your decisions: Pet Insurance Reviews.

You don’t only want the cheapest cat health insurance, but you also want to insurance that covers what you want.

When deciding what you want your pet insurance to cover you have to decide a number of things. Do you want routine coverage, do you want emergencies covered, or do you want comprehensive care.

Also one good thing to do is to talk to your veterinarian and see what pet insurance providers they recommend.

Sometimes they have better luck working with a certain insurance company over another one, which may be the best way to go.

Also be aware that, insurance policies offered to vary from state to state.


Check the benefit schedules and see how your pet insurance company reimburses as you. Some will reimburse you as a percentage of the bill, while others will pay on a benefit schedule.

Know What Is Covered

Make sure you get all your questions answered and when you get receive your cat health insurance policy in the mail make sure to read it over carefully.

Do not wait until your cat has an emergency to read over the policy, know what is covered and what is not.

If you do have to file a claim on your policy you more likely will need your veterinarian to fill out at least one section of the form.

Remember, cat health insurance is not like human insurance, you have to fill out the claim work yourself, it is not automatically filled out by the hospital.