Pet Insurance for Older Dogs

By | October 10, 2011

Pet insurance for older dogs can be harder to get because many companies do not want to insure older dogs because they have a much greater chance of needing extensive medical coverage.

This is very similar to human health insurance in that the older you get the harder it is to get health insurance, and the more expensive it is.

However you can get pet insurance for older dogs, you may just need to contact more insurance companies before you can find one that offers you a policy at a price you can afford.

I always recommend that people contact at least three pet insurance companies before buying one policy. However when it comes to senior dogs, you may have to contact five, six, or even seven of them.

While some companies will offer a policy, many other companies will not. This all depends mostly on the age of the dog, and the breed.

Larger breeds like Great Danes, generally only live 5-7 years, so they are less likely to get a pet insurance policy then a smaller dog like a Yorkie, which can live around 10 years.

Another factor to consider is that just because you can buy insurance for older dogs doesn’t necessarily mean that it makes good financial sense.

One way to figure out if insurance makes sense for you is to add up your monthly premiums and think about how many more years your dog will live. With this grand total, is it likely to be more than your estimated veterinary bills?

The answer is ultimately up to you since it is a personal financial decision when it comes to pet insurance for older dogs.